High Temperature Sterilization Room

High Temperature Sterilization Room
High Temperature Sterilization Room

Health and environmental friendly.

In food processing industry, sterilization are critical process.

It is challenge to sterilize large volume of cookware & tools every day.

With our sterilization room, you can easily put all the stuff that needs to sterilize in the room.

On next day, they are sterilized and safe to use in food process.

Product Main Feature

Tempered Galss Observe Windows.

Microcomputer Control.

Temperature Control.


High Temperature Disinfection.

Hot Air Circulation.

Wall Panel Are Made by Stainless Steel 304 with Insulation

It is important to use food grade materials, to ensure it is durable and save to use the wall panel is insulated to make sure the room is safe to touch and save energy.

High Temperature Hot Air Circulation System

High temperature sterilization is not a new process of disinfection, but it is proven, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for Vary Business

Food processing plant kitchen.


Hotel kitchen.

Unit canteen.

Hot Air Circulation System

The room built with hot air cycle for even heat, to ensure that all the utensils inside are evenly heated and satirized.

Anti-impact Design

The wall panel is protect by the special design railings.

PLC Control System

Easy control touch screen, automatically control the temperature.

Custom Size

The size of the room is taylor made to you needs, you provide dimention we will give you soulation.

1. Customer sent inquiry.

2. Customer provide site CAD drawings or dimensions.

3. We will send design & quote.

4. The drawing confirms & deposit made.

5. Engineering design.

6. Schedule production.

7. The goods are fully packed and delivery.

8. Receive and install.

Electronic Control Box

Stainless steel 304 control box, high level of protection, easy to operate.

Hot Air Cycle

Powerful fans allow the temperature in room more even & efficient.

Explosion Proof Light

High temperature may cause the light explosive, all our lighting come with special cover.

Stainless Steel Body

Safe, clean, reliable & durable.

Product High-temperature Sterilization Room
Model TH- STR
Size 6000*1900*2416
Weight 5000KG


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