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Build a Fermentation Chamber in Indonesia | Proofer Room Installation | Proving Room Construction


TONGHENG Food Factory Project, Also Available for Philippines

4 Sides Glass 6 Trays Potatoes Steamer

Dried Fruits Steamer Cabinet | Steam Dried Tangerine Peel

Couscous Steaming Testing with Tongheng Steamer

Commercial Proofer Machine for DIY Pastry

TONGHENG Commercial Steamer Cabinet VS Traditional Bamboo Steamer

Steamer Machine for Food Factory

Iba 2023 in Munich Germany

Bakery China 2023 | Australia Chemserve Auto Lift Super Clean Tank System

Food & IT Qingdao 2023│TONGHENG Commercial 6/18/72 Trays Rice Steamer Machine

Bakery China 2023 | TONGHENG-a Professional Steam Equipment Manufacturer

Bakery China 2023 | Auto-lift Soak Tank System

International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition

Bakery China 2023 | Steamer Cabinet & Fermentation Room



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