• Store Equipments

    Store Equipments

    In a modern bao shop, a proofer, a steamer and a display warmer are three essential equipments. 

    Our proofer can shorten fermentation time, improve the fermentation quality, reduce food waste.

    Steam time is important figure for a steamer, our steam can reach 100 degree in 3 minutes, but it save energy compare to traditional steamer.

    Our display warmer are design for bao or other steam food, it can help you display to customer and extend the shelf life.

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  • Industrial Equipments

    Industrial Equipments

    For industrial equipment, the first priority is reliability, our industry equipment are design for high volume use, industrial grade & long lasting, with PLC control system, can help you save labour and reduce cost.

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  • Accessories


    Accessories for store & industrial equipment use.

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