Gas Electric Double Door Steamer Cabinet

Gas Electric Double Door Steamer Cabinet
Gas Electric Double Door Steamer Cabinet

TONGHENG Gas Electric Steamer Cabinet is Design For Steaming, Cooking, Pasteurising and Smoking.

Main Features for Gas Electric Steamer Cabinet

· 360° Steam Heating

3 Minutes to Reach 100° C

· Microcomputer / PLC Control

The steaming time & temperature are displayed on the PLC touch screen. PLC can record food menus up to 3 stages of cooking. The charts and graphs of steaming process data also can be seen.

The control panel functions are clear at a glance, easy to use, simple operate, can control time & temperature. Preset multiple menu steam modes.

· Adjustable Temperature

The temperature of steaming can be preset up to 103℃. Multi temperature degree for steaming various food, heating evenly in the cabinet.

· Intelligent Timer

The timer can preset. When time’s up, the steamer will automatically stop, and has “beep, beep, beep” sound to remind the chef, hence no need to waiting beside the steamer.

· Five Preset Menus

Can preset menus M2/M3/M4/M5 with time/temperature. For example, press M2, press SET, set time and temperature, press SET again to lock the preset M2 menu. When next time use steamer, can press M2 menu directly.

· Automatic Exhaust Fan

External exhaust fan, after cooked, click the exhaust button, simply exhaust the steam inside the cabinet by one button, to ensure the same air pressure inside and outside the cabinet.

Why Choose TONGHENG Gas Electric Steamer Cabinet

· Full SUS304 S/S Cabinet

S/S 304 food grade stainless steel, high temperature resist & high density insulation forming.

· Visible Transparent Glass Door

With the thick tempered glass perspective glass door, the chef can control the steaming time accurately, to avoid over-steaming or under-steaming.

· Auto-lifting Ramp

The ramp will raise and down automatically during the door opening and closing, easy to transport.

· Lighting for Cooking Observation

The steamer cabinet is equipped with a lighting function, when turn on the lighting, you can observe the steaming process more clearly, to avoid excessive over-cooked or raw.

· Stainless Steel Heating Element

Stainless steel material, not easy to break, anti-rust and durable, waterproof and conductive, fast heating, saving time and electricity, and more stable performance.

Accessories Suitable for TONGHENG Gas Electric Steamer Cabinet

· Steam Trolley (With Anti Condensation Roof Sheets)

· Basket Steam Tray

· Wire Mesh Steam Tray

· Perforated Steamed Pan

· Silicone Steam Pad

A Wide Range of Uses For TONGHENG Gas Electric Steamer Cabinet

· Food Processing Plants

· School-Enterprise Canteen

· Hotel Kitchen

· Restaurant

Product Name 36 Trays Gas Electric Double Door Steamer Cabinet 72 Trays Gas Electric Double Door Steamer Cabinet
Model TH-ZBG-1630 TH-ZBG-2080
Size 1630(L)*940(W)*1940(H)mm 2080(L)*1270(W)*2030(H)mm
Weight 405 KG 730 KG
Capacity 36 Trays 72 Trays
Tray Size 600*400*50mm
Steamer Degree Up to 103°C
Control Method Microcomputer Unit / PLC Unit
Power & Voltage 220V/380V/1.1KW
Power Off Mode Automatic Power off
Fan Exhaust Fan
Plug or Not No


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