How to Build a Fermentation Chamber in Indonesia | Proofer Room Installation | Proving Room Construction

  • 2024-04-25
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TONGHENG dispatches engineer to Indonesia to guide the fermentation chamber construction, our team is experienced in food factory building projects.

Materials needed in proofer room installation | proving room construction:

The structure of the fermentation room

1. Proofer board

›› Thermal insulation board walls, outer and inner walls are all SUS304, plus, ceiling outside & inside SUS304.

2. Swing doors:

›› SUS 304 impact resistant swing door.

›› Two-way door with perspective window, anti-collision plate

3. Inside the fermentation room:

›› Lighting system

›› Anti-collision device

›› Internal steam humidification piping wiring

›› Air circulation system including circulation air deflector and circulation fan

›› Heating system including aluminum fin radiator construction

Fermentation room PLC control system

1. Stainless steel constant temperature system (automatic & manual dual-use)

2. Stainless steel air circulation system

3. Stainless steel constant humidity system (automatic & manual dual-use)

4. Pipeline filtration and drainage system

5. PLC intelligent circuit control system

6. Steam pipeline control system



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