Bread/Buns Retarder Proofer

  • 2022-12-15
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Benefits of retarding the dough

It’s common to final proof dough in the fridge. This method is typically used overnight for the bread to be baked the following day. In a commercial bakery, it means that the baker has more bread to bake early in the morning. This benefits the baker by not having to start work earlier and customers can enjoy a wider range of products at the start of the day. The process is called “retarding” or a “cold start”.

When the dough is retarded, gas production slows right down, yet the structure of the gluten is enhanced. This produces a better crumb structure which benefits gas retention properties. When retarding, starch particles in the flour continue to break down into sugars to produce more sugars. This produces a sweeter flavour and more caramelisation in the bread after baking. You can use an overnight fridge proof with the beginner’s bread recipe if you wish.

I prefer to store my dough in the fridge during the first rise instead of the final rise, but many other bakers do the reverse. Give it a go and see what you prefer!




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