Learn How To Use Proofing room And Its Processing

  • 2023-02-08
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What Is Proofing Process?

Bread proofing is a step-in bread-making and pastries that activates the yeast in the dough. During fermentation, yeast cells in a yeast dough (such as bread dough or pasta dough) consume carbohydrates and expel carbon dioxide which causes the dough to rise.

Proofers are also called sourdoughs and are used by bakers. The proofer works by heating and evaporating the water in the tank through an electric tube, providing the required temperature and humidity for the dough to ferment and expand. The most common places are restaurants, bakeries, hotels, etc.  

Why Is Proofing Important?

Fermentation is an important part of baking bread and other applications that rely on yeast to create air pockets. Such as making croissants. The most important thing in the rising step is to make sure the dough is not too risen (so much so that it ends up collapsing, causing the layers to separate, the butter in the croissant dripping ) or under-lifted (this will result in tight crumbs, you won’t get those fluffy, flaky layers). Under or over-risen bread will not rise properly when baking, and for delicate pastries.

How To Set Up A Bread Proofing Room ?

If you’ve always wanted to own a commercial bakery, setting up a bread proofing room can be the perfect way to increase your production. In this article, we’ll look at how to set up a bread proofing room, what they’re made of, and how much they cost.

Setting Up A Bread Proofing Room

Fermentation of dough needs a warm space. The temperature and humidity of the fermentation environment directly affect the texture and even the taste of baked goods. So controlling the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is made and fermented is crucial to maintain the right quality of the finished product. Tools such as fermentation cabinets and industrial fermentation rooms are good for helping to complete the stages of primary and secondary fermentation.

What You Should Care In Using The Proofing Room?

  • Composition of fermentation room

First of all, customized industrial fermentation room, can well match the needs of users and use space.  

The industrial fermentation rooms are insulated by stainless steel exterior walls.  

Impact swinging traffic doors with tempered glass observe windows allows users to pass through without obstacles while carrying trolleys. It also makes the fermentation of the product easier to observe.

Equipped with a microcomputer and air circulation system, can create a stable and even temperature and humidity environment. PLC control system is also a simple operating system. These functions make large fermentation processes more efficient. Besides, Fermentation humidity had great influence on the shape, appearance and skin of bread. Too low humidity will affect the expansion of bread into the oven when baking, resulting in a small volume of bread, the upper skin is too hard. At the same time, the skin is too dry, resulting in more spots, less luster. Fermentation humidity will also affect the speed and production time. Too high humidity will cause excessive gas production on the surface of the bread, the appearance of bubbles, the skin toughness is too large.

The temperature. Too high temperature will cause the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the dough, so that the dough inside and outside of the fermentation is not consistent. It can also cause crust on the surface of the dough, affecting the appearance of the bread. If the temperature is too low, the fermentation will be slow and waste the time, which affects the taste of the bread. In addition to the two important factors mentioned before, temperature and humidity, it is also necessary to control the time of fermentation. The correct fermentation time for different products of dough can only be determined through practical testing. To use the tank, make sure it is filled with water. The humidity and temperature of fermentation room are relatively regulated, not absolutely regulated, so they should be adjusted according to the situation in winter.



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