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Choosing A Food Steamer For Store Use

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  • 2023-02-02
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Dating back to its origin of dim sum steamer, dim sum steamers are a staple of HongKong's culinary culture. In fact, steaming is one of the oldest cooking methods in China. It has been estimated that pottery cooking pots with a colander-like insert were used 5,000 years ago to steam meat, fish, and grains. In recent decades, individual bamboo steamers have been used to prepare dim sum and other Chinese cuisine dishes. The traditional dim sum meal includes steamed buns, fried dumplings, rice noodle rolls, and desserts. These dishes are often served as small portions and are typically accompanied by a special soy-based sauce.

Choosing A Food Steamer For Store Use

Want to purchase a steam cabinet for your restaurant? The steam cabinet can be said to be the treasure in the kitchen. It is needed in many scenes, such as fast food restaurants, hotel kitchens, restaurants ,etc. It can steam all kinds of delicious food, rice, steamed fish, steamed ribs, steamed dumplings, stewed soup,etc. Convenient to operate ,high efficiency and energy saving. You need a steam cabinet that preserves the nutritional value and original flavor of your ingredients.


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6 Tray Commercial Stainless Steel Steamer

If you are in a restaurant or small store business, you may want to consider investing in a 6 trays commercial stainless steel steamer. These steaming cabinets are ideal for small spaces, saving space while providing a capacity that can accommodate about 140 80g buns at a time. The running time and temperature of the steam cabinet can be set, and can even be preset in stages. Compared with traditional steam equipment, due to the different heating methods, more abundant steam can be provided under more energy efficient conditions, which is one of the key factors in steaming delicious dishes. When the steam cabinet is heated, the 3D steam circulates inside, so that each layer can be evenly heated. 

 There are a better insulated one-side glass model and a more visible four-sided glass model to choose from, which are made of insulated tempered glass. Because of the sealing housing, steam is better retained in the cabinet, which saves gas or electricity energy and reduces the cooking time.And it also has the function of preventing dry burning. With seafood, for example, high steam and precise temperature are key, whether steamed or otherwise. Because they contain an enzyme in the meat, during the cooking process needs to quickly heat up more than 60 degrees Celsius, in order to minimize its damage to the meat quality, taste.

Food Warmer

The delicious food that is carefully cooked is not enjoyed in time and the taste and texture of the food is lost over time.Buns, for example, is most delicious the moment it's out of the steamer, but cools over time, the skin hardens, and the filling isn't as tasty as it was steaming hot. You may choose to keep it in the steam cabinet, but the steam in the steam cabinet for a long time will make the skin wet and squishy, and the taste is terrible. A food warmer is a good way to solve this problem.

 The temperature and humidity of the food warmer are adjustable to extend the best flavor of the dishes without burning or overcooking the food. The cabinet is made of insulated tempered glass on all sides, which ensures the sealing and energy saving, and also facilitates the user to see the cooking process and changes of food.At the same time, it can show the delicious food to the customers. And the rear door is designed so that not only chefs can pick up and drop off food, but also guests can help themselves.

Drawer - like compartments for easy access and storage of dishes.

Commercial Food Steamer & Food Warmer All in One Machine

Food Steamer & Food Warmer All in One Machine combines the warmer and the steamer together, which can steam delicious food and maintain the taste and flavor of food. The separate design, can be adjusted separately, cooking and preservation is not to disturb each other, but can be carried out at the same time. Moreover, the size of the trays used in the two parts is the same, so there is no need to replace the container when replacing the food position. To a large extent for users to reduce the footprint of space, save energy, time costs. The Food Steamer & Food Warmer All in One Machine is a cost-effective option.

Proofing Cabinet

And if you need to make your own buns and other foods that require fermented dough, a proofing cabinet can also help you make it more efficient. The fermentation process also affects the flavor of the food, and verifying the fermentation of the dough one by one is a huge amount of work and a waste of time and labour.

 The use of proofing cabinet can well control the three factors that affect the quality of fermentation, can maintain a stable humidity and temperature, set a good fermentation time, and well prevent excessive fermentation. The Microcomputer Controller can be preset in stages, but also can fulfill the needs of multiple continuous fermentation. A insulated stainless steel outer shell, good closure, and waterproof fans, better to keep the temperature even while keeping the temperature inside the cabinet. Even with a large capacity will allow each dough to heat evenly. Provides a good foundation for making delicious food.

You may require refrigeration, freezing, and short-term or long-term preservation of the leavened dough after fermentation. We also have proofing cabinet with refrigeration and freezing functions. The integrated design allows the dough to be refrigerated or frozen after fermentation without moving. Of course the temperature is adjustable. It saves labour, time and cost for users. Proofing cabinet has 12, 18, 32, 36 layers of different models, different capacity can meet different production needs.

About The Store Series

The products in our store series are all equipped with universal wheels, which can be easily moved by users. Cabinets and accessories use food grade stainless steel materials, so that our products have a longer service life, more durable. The good sealing of the cabinet and the insulation foam material of the interlayer improve the efficiency of the heat utilization.



Uniform size accessories, reduce the trouble of changing containers. Stainless steel steam tray and food-grade silicone rubber mat. Compared with traditional bamboo steamer, it is also more sanitary and convenient to clean. And there is no need to worry about the bamboo debris falling from the bamboo steamer. Provide good user experience. Before purchasing one, welcome to consult Tongheng manufacturer for more information.

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