Choosing A Food Steamer For Store Use

  • 2023-02-02
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Dating back to its origin of dim sum steamer, dim sum steamers are a staple of HongKong’s culinary culture. In fact, steaming is one of the oldest cooking methods in China. It has been estimated that pottery cooking pots with a colander-like insert were used 5,000 years ago to steam meat, fish, and grains. In recent decades, individual bamboo steamers have been used to prepare dim sum and other Chinese cuisine dishes. The traditional dim sum meal includes steamed buns, fried dumplings, rice noodle rolls, and desserts. These dishes are often served as small portions and are typically accompanied by a special soy-based sauce.

Choosing A Food Steamer For Store Use

Want to purchase a steam cabinet for your restaurant? The steam cabinet can be said to be the treasure in the kitchen. It is needed in many scenes, such as fast food restaurants, hotel kitchens, restaurants ,etc. It can steam all kinds of delicious food, rice, steamed fish, steamed ribs, steamed dumplings, stewed soup,etc. Convenient to operate ,high efficiency and energy saving. You need a steam cabinet that preserves the nutritional value and original flavor of your ingredients.




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