How To Cook Perfect Rice Using Tongheng Steamer Machine

  • 2023-05-05
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①TONGHENG staff canteen uses TONGHENG steamer to cook rice for lunch daily

It is TONGHENG electric steamer

There are 6 layers in the steamer

The space between each layer is 100mm

You can steam 6 trays at a time

Tray size is 400*600 mm

Each tray can cook 2kg dry rice / 4kg cook rice

6 trays can cook 12kg dry rice / 24kg cook rice

Suggested to soak the dry rice for 2 hours before steam

Lock the door

②Long press the red switch to start

Put into the steamer and steam for 30-40 minutes

Press set

Set time

Set for 40 minutes

40 minutes is up,timer turns into 0

If the timer displays 0, the alarm will ring automatically

Which means time’s up

The rice has been well cooked

③Open the door

Open the lower lock first, in case the steam hurts

Turn the upper lock

Open the door slowly

Now you can see the rice

After steaming

Become full rice and tasty

Shut it down

Long press the red button

It displays OFF

Then it is turn off now

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